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Gretchen Mol Naked

Gretchen Mol Nude
Gretchen Mol possesses the perfect beauty of ideal body blonde hair and light milt skin. She was picked by the agent when during her shift at a NYC restaurant as the coat check girl. So she was offered her first acting job in Coke commercial. The gorgeous Vanity Fair cover has made her really famous. It was not just the photo where Gretchen Mol nude was sitting with her sensual nipples seeing through the wide robe, but also because the magazine proclaimed Gretchen as next IT girl after she acted in the Rounders and Celebrity movies. Unfortunately, the forecast by the Vanity Fair didn’t become true. It was Angelina Jolie who came out to be the future IT girl. Although the Gretchen Mol nude cover was indeed divine Today Gretchen is married to Kip Williams whose character was married to Gretchen’s one in Rounders movie. Now they stay in New York with their son. There appeared some Gretchen Mol nude moments in Notorious Bettie Page project that kind of brought some of her fame back in show business. Her character Tara Subkoff is 1950’s nude model, so Gretchen spends all the time in pin-up lingerie. We don’t doubt at all her fans love this character and agree on it is ideal cast for Gretchen’s looks.

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